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We work hard to provide all of our customers with top notch repair services at competitive prices. In addition to our professional repair services, we also provide guidance and instructions on how to maintain the working condition of your items. When you need a professional repair solution, you can be sure to trust the services here at BOARD LEVEL.

Apple®Repairs - Liquid Damage

This service is one of our most popular offerings, and always provided by one of our expert repair technicians to guarantee customer satisfaction. When you bring us your item in need of servicing, we will get to work finding out what the damage is and remedying it as quick as we can so as not to cause any more disruption to your daily routine. (Below - MacBook Air 13" liquid damage repair to LCD/Display & Backlight circuitry) 


Micro Soldering on iPhone®Logic Board

This service makes us stand out above the rest. We specialise in repairing ANY board related issue from Baseband, Dead Shorts, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Power Management Chips, Audio IC's, Touch IC's & Sim readers to only name a few.

(Below - iPhone XR Logic Board Repaired - Wi-Fi Issue) - 6 Month Warranty


PV/Solar Supply & Battery Build

This is one of our battery build services, where we focus on our clients needs. This specific client uses this battery in his camping trailer to power all Lights, Usb's and Fridge/Freezer. (Below - 12V 50ah Lithium Iron Phosphate)  3,5 & 10 Year Warranties on selected batteries.

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